Instant Webcam

Using your iPhone as a Webcam has never been this easy


Stream to almost any Device

Instant Webcam can stream fullscreen video to multiple devices in the same Wifi Network.

All you need is a modern browser and you're good to go.


Works out of
the box

No need to set up. Just start the App and point the browser on your viewing device to the provided URL.

You can even record video straight from the browser.


An eye on
your stuff

Because setup is Instant, you'll find yourself using the App even if you just need to keep an eye on the stove for two minutes, check the front porch when you wait for the mail man, or watch the kids.

Technical Details for Geeks

Instant Webcam encodes video in MPEG1 format and sends the frames over WebSockets to connected Browsers. The Browser then decodes the MPEG Stream in JavaScript and paints into a Canvas. It's a huge hack, but one that turned out to work really well.

Using HTML5 Video in a cross-browser manner has been notoriusly difficult. Instant Webcam solves this problem by using jsmpeg – an MPEG1 decoder written in JavaScript that works in all modern browsers, instead of relying on built-in decoders.